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Before I continue, I want to apologize for all the people whom I haven’t responded to in the last post about the Asus K43SV. That was nearly two years ago. It’s 2013 now and I’ve decided to breathe some life into this blog.

So here I am again, eager to share my enthusiasm for technology to anyone out there who bothers. In the following months, I will be posting from time to time about anything related to gadgetry and technology. From first impressions, to reviews – anything that my time permits.

Stay tuned for my first post for this year as I will be making a first impression of the Asus K55VJ!


Nokia E6 Now Available in the Philippines!

Attention all you Symbian loyalists out there (that includes me)! The much awaited Nokia E6 is now available! I went to SM Megamall Cyberzone earlier this day and the unit goes for Php 16,000. That’s cheaper compared to when the E72 (its predecessor) was released which costs Php 18,000 back then. Expect it to become even cheaper the coming months.

a black Nokia E6

It’s running Symbian Anna, the latest version/update of Symbian^3. I tried out a dummy unit and it feels better to hold compared to my E72. Android doesn’t have a candybar QWERTY phone as good as this one, so I’m definitely gonna save up for this phone!

First Impression: Asus K43SV

My cousin bought an Asus K43SJ Asus K43SV today and she asked me to setup the laptop (as this thing came with no OS) so I took the chance to show it to you guys. I gotta say I’m loving it! A little first impression in terms of the size and build quality: it’s slim, the palm rest is made out of aluminum and the keyboard has significantly less flex than its predecessor, the K42 Series (which I own) which makes it a joy to type on. Some quick specs:

  • 2nd Generation Core i5 2410m Processor @ 2.3 GHz
  • 2 GB DDR3 Memory
  • 500GB HDD
  • Nvidia Geforce GT540M with 1GB VRAM

Not bad for a laptop that costs Php 32k. I’ll try to write a review and might do some benchmarks if she lets me borrow it again. For now, enjoy these pictures!

Asus K43SJ. As you can see, I'm installing Windows 7 🙂

Right side shot with my K42 in the background. Shown also are the Speaker, Mic and two USB 2.0 ports (one is being used by my mouse's receiver)

Left side shot with a power, a LAN, a VGA, a HDMI and a USB 2.0 port


Windows Experience Index screenshot


Kudos to our friend who unearthed these ADVANDB slides!

Lecture 01 – Intro to DM

Lecture 02 – Association Rules

Lecture 03 – Classification and Prediction

Lecture 04 – Clustering

Lecture 05 – Transaction Management

Lecture 06 – Concurrency Control – Locking

Lecture 07 – Concurrency Control – TSO and VB

Lecture 08 – Database Recovery

Lecture 09 – Distributed Databases

Lecture 10 – Distributed TM

Lecture 11 – Distributed Recovery

(Note: These slides are slightly different from the ones the professor presented. But then, there’s nothing significantly different.)

(If any of the links above is broken, please comment here below. Thanks.)

The Knights of the Square Table

Hello, readers! We are the Knights of the Square Table!

You can find a lot about us in the About page which can be accessible here.

Don’t mind what’s on that page because it will sound funny.

Anyway, this blog is where we discuss about cool stuffs like technology, everyday life (whether it be school or some ass-kicking), and some inspiring stuffs. Even fishes swimming in the aquariums are sure to be worth talking about!

There is also a separate section not in this blog: The Knights’ Chronicles, which chronicles the the life of the Knights of the Square Table. It is, of course, a fictional work set in alternate reality. It can be found here. Be sure to read from Chapter 1!

Happy reading!